hello, i’m jasraj 👋🏽

Bio 🔍
As a kid, I never knew what I wanted to “do” (who does?!). But, without even realising it, I found myself drawn to people. Since the age of 16, I have worked with people in some way – young and old, and both within + outside of my ‘work’.

Though I try not to put myself into boxes, I identify as a (sociable!) introvert + infp. I love to learn + am certainly a multi-potentialite aka “linkybrain” #generalist #toomanyinterests


Education 🎓
I dropped out of uni, twice. Later, after years spent gorging on psychology & self-help books, I went back to study a Masters in Positive Psychology (MAPP).

For fun 🤗

I enjoy sport & yoga, playing (tennis) and watching (tennis, football, boxing/MMA), reading non-fiction, and watching documentaries. I also love crime & mysteries – Columbo is a personal favourite (I have the boxset – all 80 episodes. I love the guy).


Projects 📒
I am currently working in a Community & Operations role at an FS startup. As of Summer 2018, I am in the early stages of building a lifestyle business.


Writing ✏️
I have written articles on various topics, which you can find on my Medium page (below). I also journal regularly, it helps me process my thoughts, feelings + learnings #cathartic


Connect ✨
You can also follow + connect with me in various ways.

twitter: @jasraj0
instagram: @jasraj0
medium: @jasraj0

Day-to-day, I am most active on instagram. If you’d like to delve deeper, head over to medium 👆🏽 

Want to talk? 💌

email me: jasraj.s.hothi@gmail.com


Thanks for reading alll the way to the bottom 🙏🏽

I look forward to connecting with you soon!